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The OPTIC System has been designed with your performance in mind. With an easy to use interface and Internet enabled secure access (SSL), you can get the information you need in your office, on the road and at your home.

Use our advanced search system to find people with specific qualifications and review specific types of incidents. Log your latest inspection report and assign people actions so nothing slips through the cracks. Find out more - book a demo now! 


If you are a health & safety consultant looking to provide your clients with powerful web-based safety software, consider joining our affiliate program. 

Our affiliate program establishes service agreements with experienced health & safety professionals to introduce and support the use of The OPTIC System, to companies that can really benefit from the use of Web-based safety management tools.


Measuring Training Performance

Can 100% training compliance actually mean an organization is not really committed to training? Let's looks at the metric. Training compliance measures the % of training requirements that the individual has met. So, if I have 5 training requirement for my current job and 4 are current (or unexpired....