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Delivering the health, safety and environment information you need to perform.

The Software

The OPTIC System ("OPTIC") has been designed with your performance in mind. With an easy to use interface and Internet enabled secure access (SSL), you can get the information you need in your office, on the road and at your home.

Use our advanced search system to find people with specific qualifications and report or review specific types of incidents. Log your latest inspection report and assign people corrective actions so nothing slips through the cracks.

Identify and address safety hazards, apply control measures, address employee wellness and follow up after an incident report in order to reduce risks in the future. Customize and configure business rules to deliver personnel notifications or execute advanced logic in the background. Configure and run reports to get instant access to data or schedule them for periodic execution, delivering the results in PDF or CSV file format to multiple recipients.

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How it's Used

Focused on the core health, safety and environment (HSE) aspects of an organization, our cloud-based system is reach in features, reliable, responsive and robust, used 24/7 by thousands of concurrent users as daily HSE management tool.

Over the years, considerable development effort has produced an extremely stable and secure platform, all data being stored in cloud servers located in Canada, focused on customer privacy as top priority, data not being shared with any third-party.

All application modules share a consistent layout, generally operating on either one or multiple records. The default layouts of those modules can be completely customized through custom forms (templates) with an unlimited number of fields. Those custom forms can be used in both our Web and mobile applications.

Also, OPTIC is integrated with EAGLE GPS, a platform allowing GPS tracking of employees and equipment / vehicles.

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The health, safety and environment (HSE) are - or at least should be - among top priorities of an organization. Different organizations use different terminologies, for example environmental health and safety (EHS) or safety, health and environment (SHE) or health, environment and safety (HES) but those only shuffle the position of the letters, their meaning remaining essentially the same.

Although operating independently and in various industries, our customers provide common and professional feedback which drives continuously our HSE software towards best practices in health, safety and environment, adding the required functionalities following industry standards.

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