OPTIC - Eye on Safety

Three Stitches and Accountability - Part 1

I got three stitches in my hand recently. I was taking down some drywall from the corner of a basement ceiling. To get it to snap, I was using a utility knife to cut an edge. So, as I pulled the drywall down (can you guess what I did?) while still holding the utility knife in place...the sudden snap of the drywall released my hand onto the blade of the utility knife. A few hours later, after a visit to a local Medicentre, I gained three stitches on my hand.

Needless to say I was a little annoyed with myself when I decided it was a helpful reminder about a critical element in a good safety attitude - accountability.

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The Right Attitude and Core Values

In the last entry, we recognized that safe performance really begins with people and that regardless of the management system you have in place, a poor attitude will sink you every time. So where to next? 

While I wanted to move on to training management, the more I thought about attitude and performance, the more I thought about core values. It's one thing to have a positive outlook and quite another to deliver performance when it really counts.  

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  1. Re: Where Do You Start With Safety?

    Great post Shawn. You are right it is getting people into the right attitude to think about safety a